Declaring Your Shipment Value

It is a requirement of the insurer that you declare the actual cash value of your entire shipment. Failure to do so may result in a possible dispute. The Declaration of Value Form must be completed and given to your household goods moving coordinator prior to loading. Please declare all being shipped in your total value. When assigning a value to your goods, consider what the replacement cost is at your destination country as payments will be based on the lesser of the following amounts:

The cost to repair the item to its pre-move condition.

The cost to replace the item at destination with one of like kind and quality.

Overseas Relocation International recommends that you keep appraisals for high valued items such as art, antiques and collectibles should they be damaged during the course of transit or while in storage. The insurance company will require proof of value in order to fairly settle a claim. Your appraisal offers the best evidence of value. A bill of sale is acceptable as well, however if the item is one that may increase in value over time the bill of sale is less accurate. Appraisal photos can assist in providing proof of ownership. Whichever form of proof of value you choose, remember to bring this with you and have available should you need it to support your claim.